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    Are you a Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, Patient Care Technician (PCT), or EKG Technician who has been away from your field of expertise for some time? We understand the importance of staying current and certified in today's competitive healthcare environment. That's why we offer comprehensive remediation services tailored to your needs, coupled with national certification or recertification options to facilitate your return to the workforce.

    Our remediation services are priced at $2500, which includes access to study materials and your certification exam. These courses are designed to accommodate your schedule, with classes held twice a week for two hours over a six-week period. In the final week, you'll participate in a clinical session, allowing you to demonstrate proficiency in all clinical procedures covered during the remediation course. Additionally, we'll assist you in registering for the national certification exam to further solidify your qualifications.

    Employers are actively seeking certified professionals to join their healthcare facilities, clinics, and laboratories. By investing in our remediation services and achieving national certification, you'll be well-positioned to meet the demands of today's healthcare industry and secure rewarding opportunities in your field.

Remediation Program

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